• Seesaw is our online learning platform



    • Students will have activities to complete each day on Seesaw.
    • Parents and teacher will be able to view student work.
    • I will provide feedback to students through Seesaw.


    Our class will have a daily Zoom meeting at 9:00.



If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Sight Word Activities:

    • color code-write each sight word using blue for consonants and red for vowels
    • Write a sentence using your sight words.
    • sort the words-sort your sight words by the number of letters in it
    • silly sentence-write a silly sentence using your sight words
    • fancy letters-write each sight word using fancy letters
    • tyoe and write- type your sight words on the keyboard, then write them down
    • write and highlight-write your sight words and highlight all the vowels
    • build your sight words with magnetic letters
    • write and dot- write each sight word and then put a dot at the ends of the letters
    • build your sight words with play doh
Please use this while students are writing.
Please use this while students are writing.