• Hello Coach Robinson’s Geometry Classes,


    First of all and most importantly, I hope everyone is safe and sound and you continue to remain that way. I know that this is not how we expected school life to continue after Spring Break, but we are going to make the best of the situation. Therefore from an educational standpoint, we are offering distance learning opportunities to continue the year. For our Geometry team, this will be implemented through multiple platforms mentioned below. It is our goal to provide continued educational opportunities to allow for our students to continue to grow and thrive. We do apologize that this email is so long, but we want to be thorough and allow you to have one place to look back at the important information. 

    This document will provide a daily list of Topics, Lessons, and Assignments.  We will update weekly and also try to email out any changes that will be instituted.  In addition, the following times our teachers will be available to conference with our students for tutoring/work help on zoom.


    Geometry 8:00 10:00 12:00 2:00 Additional Zoom ID
    Robinson  Thursday   Tuesday Tuesday By Appt. Friday https://zoom.us/j/6949036162
    Dwyer Tuesday Thursday Tuesday     https://zoom.us/j/4665509425
    Schultze Thursday Tuesday   Tuesday   https://zoom.us/j/3478477876
    Seely   Thursday   Tuesday   https://zoom.us/j/9501799044



    All students are asked to join my Google classroom.  Be sure to use your Humble ISD email through My Humble as your login. This enables us to use Google forms, etc. for feedback. Here are the Google Classroom Class Codes for the following periods:


    Coach Robinson’s 3rd Period


    Coach Robinson’s 4th Period


    Coach Robinson’s 5th Period


    Coach Robinson’s 6th Period





    • The district has changed the end of the 9 week grading period to end Thursday, March 27.
    • We have decided that we will drop the lowest test score of the 9 week grading period. 
    • If you were unable to take a test, we will put a 0 (or a Z already) into the grade book and that test will be dropped from the 9 week average.


    Learning Opportunities

    Geometry Online Learning Plans


    Currently, our learning opportunities are review based until the end of the 9 week grading period.  There will not be any additional grades for this 9 week period. In our google classroom we currently have information for our current unit (some review and some new) and we will be posting future units if you would like to explore.  In addition, we are seeking feedback on specific areas of review that we can include for our students that will enhance their learning experience.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process. It is my belief that we will be able to learn a lot during this time of uncertainty, because it allows us to think with an open mind which will prove prosperous.

     Please feel free to contact me with questions/concerns that you may have and how I can help. We are here for you.




    Coach Robinson


    Mike Robinson

    Head Swimming and Diving Coach


    Kingwood High School

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