Here are some fun things to do if you are feeling creative:


    Supplies: plastic water bottle, scissors (ask for help), an old sock, dish soap, water, plastic container, rubber band.

      b   b   b    b  b   b

    1. cut bottom off water bottle.
    2. cut sock at heel, to fit over bottom of bottle.
    3. secure sock with rubber band.
    4. in plastic container, mix dish soap with a bit of water- don't dilute too much!
    5. dip sock covered end of bottle into soapy mixture.
    6. blow into mouth of bottle.
    7. watch the bubble snake appear!!!

    Lettering Challenge: Practice your lettering skills.

    1.l 2. l   3.l

    1. block lettering 2. 3D block lettering 3. 3D colored block lettering (inspired by Art Projects for Kids website)

    TP roll challenge: What can you create from these? 

    Suggestions: (What else could you make?)

    1. tp  koi     Koi Fish  

    2. tp  owl   Owl

    Copy these shapes. Bend and glue a TP roll into the shapes seen above. Use your imagination and creativity to transform them into something else... You can draw on them, use paint and add details with paper- you decide.

    LEGO Bridge Challenge:

    You are an architect who has been asked to build a bridge. The bridge must be 12 inches long (the length of a ruler.) It should be able to stand on it's own.

    See how much weight it can hold without falling/ breaking.

    l    l

    DO A DOODLE A DAY Challenge:

    Every day in your sketchbook or any piece of paper, I would like you to doodle!

    What's a doodle, you ask? A doodle is a simple drawing that is usually done while the artist's attention is elsewhere. So while you are watching TV, keep your pencil ready and start doodling! 

    Did you know that doodling can relieve stress? A doodle a day keeps the stress away!

    Learn about 10 year old, Joe Whale who is also known as The Doodle Boy

    1    2 *Jake Mize doodle

    Masterpiece Challenge:

    Choose your favorite famous piece of art and recreate it! YES! Get your family involved- everybody. I would like to see the original artwork and your creation, side by side! This is a fun way to pass the time.

    Examples are:

    g       f  

    Girl with a Pearl Earring- Johannes Vermeer   Self portrait- Frida Khalo

     scream      american gothic  

    The Scream- Edvard Munch            American Gothic- Grant Wood

    Send a HUG through the mail Challenge:

    m1   m2   m3   *Take a photo of your head, draw your upper body with LONG arms and attach your hand prints.

    *Trace or paint your hands on paper. Cut them out and attach them to a ribbon or a longer strip of paper. Add a love note to the strip of paper or glue cut out hearts on to the ribbon. Send it in the mail to someone you love and miss.

    Rainbow Art Challenge: 

    Create a rainbow on any paper using materials you have in your home- crayons, markers, colored paper, scissors, newspaper, boxes, stickers, glitter...

    Listen to this song, ROYGBIV to help you with this project!

    r    r    r3


    m1   m2   m3   

    *Create a mandala with objects found in nature.


    Create a color wheel with found objects around your home. Anything will do! Take a picture of it and send it to me by email so I can add it to the Art at Home Gallery.

    Color wheel   L.M.   G.C.   Saniah   Dallas   Kyan    color wheel

     *keep doing this, your creativity amazes me!

     Paper Chain Challenge: using only one piece of paper, see who can create the longest paper chain. Good luck.

    (1 piece of paper, scissors and tape or glue.) *send pictures of this to me please!

    paper   1   3  

    Sidewalk Chalk Challenge: Try it on paper. It is even better on colored paper! How about trying it on your wooden fence, walkway or driveway? Write a positive message on your driveway for everyone to see- spread the love!

      fence    fence   chalk   pd

    Here are some ideas for a "DAILY DRAW" Challenge:

    REMEMBER: Fill your page. Take your time. Create an environment. Practice your Fairy lines... no more Zombie lines.


    *Create a comic strip.

    *Set up a still life (fruit/ vase of flowers) and sketch it.

    *Find your favorite toy and draw it with lots of detail!

    *Draw your family portrait

    *Trace lots of circles on a paper. Overlap them. Color each section a different color. You have just made an abstract piece of art!

    *Create a robot by using only one shape. You can use the same shape over and over again. Is it possible? Give your robot a special power too.

    *Draw a birthday cake made out of hearts, with candles on top.

    *Draw a fish swimming in something other than water.

    *Draw an octopus with spoons for legs.

    *Draw a person with fruit for hair.

    *Draw yourself as a super hero. Give yourself a cool super hero name. What is your super power?

    *Design a pair of shoes.

    *Draw a cabin on top of a cloud.

    *Draw your name as an animal.


    *Create a Fairy house

    *CREATE a building out of boxes and PT tubes. You can draw on them, cut them, add roofs...

    *Make homemade PLAY DOH

    *Create an animal out of Play Doh.

    *Design and color a paper airplane- challenge a family member to a distance contest. 

    *Construct a building with toothpicks and mini marshmallows.