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    2020 has been an unprecedented year for all. Quality communication is the key to establishing strong parent-teacher relationships and provides clarity and consistency. You can expect to receive a weekly update via a (newsletter, email, Dojo,etc) to inform you of important announcements, reminders and specific student information as needed.

    Grading and some assignment information can be found in HAC as well as the learning managament platform, Google Classroom. Please make it a habit to log in and monitor your students' academic performance. If you don’t remember your HAC password or need to update your personal information, please contact the registrar.


    Our learning will consist of the following domains:

    • Language Arts is the study of grammar, composition writing, spelling, and (sometimes) public speaking.
    • During Reading students will read closely from a mix of literature and informational texts. The goal is to think critically, develop ideas and support them with reasons and evidence.
    • Social Studies will include the study of United States history beginning with colonization, geography and map skills, economics, and basic civics.
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