• What we are learning: February 2020


    Reading: Students are reading nonfiction biographies and literary nonfiction. Weekly homework will mirror the skills we are practicing in class. In addition to comprehending the text, students are expected to explain the author's purpose and message, and describe how the author's use of imagery, literal and figurative language such as simile and metaphor, and sound devices achieves specific purposes.

    • Reading homework is given on Tuesday and is due Thursday.

    Social Studies: We are learning about the new nation, the 1st president and soon the westward expansion. Students are expected to identify reasons people moved west; as well as, identify significant events and concepts associated with U.S. territorial expansion, including the Louisiana Purchase, the expedition of Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny


    Writing: Students have been writing opinion pieces. Students are practicing on focused, coherent writing with organized ideas. Good writing has an engaging introduction, a body, and conclusion paragraphs.

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