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    At school your child is currently receiving individualized reading & math instruction through the use of the computer-delivered program Istation Reading. Your child’s school has chosen to continue his or her reading experience by providing unlimited access to Istation Reading at home!

    Here's how you can gain access to the parent portal and Istation Home for your child:

    School/Domain: summerwood.humble.tx 
    User Name: first 3 letter of first name follow by first 3 letters of last name follow by last four numbers of your lunch number 
    Password: h followed by 6 digit student ID (ex: h123456)

    The next step is to install Istation on your home computer. This is a quick and easy process. Go to www.istation.com/IstationHome/ and follow the simple installation instructions.

    The www.istation.com/IstationHome/ Web page will also will also provide information on how to log in to the Istation parent portal, where you can view your child’s progress and access reports and other resources.

    For more information or help, visit www.istation.com, call 1-866-883-7323, and press 2, toll-free, or e-mail support atsupport@istation.com.