• UNconference 2020

    It Starts With a Spark

    January 27, 2020

    Saturday, January 25, 2020, Humble ISD Digital Learning and Professional Learning Teams hosted the 3rd annual UNconference, an idea originally sparked by Dr. Brian Peters, Humble ISD principal who shared his previous experience with the Edcamp Model of professional learning. Humble ISD Digital Learning and Professional Learning teams were more than excited to try such an innovative approach to professional development. Four years later, the Humble UNconference is now a much-anticipated event by in-district and out-of-district educators of all levels and subjects. 

    Humble UNconference follows the tenets of the Edcamp Model:


    Free and Open to All

    Never charge a fee, and are open to educators of all levels and subjects

     Participant Driven

    Allow educators to collaboratively determine session topics the day of the event

     Experience, Not Experts

    Encourage educators to facilitate sessions by sharing experiences; conversations not planned presentations 

     Rule of Two Feet

    Suggest educators find sessions that meet their needs to maximize learning


    Saturday’s event kicked off with participants suggesting and voting on topics of their choice using an online system called Dotstorming. Schedulers monitored the live board creating sessions on the spot. Within 20 minutes schedules were created and facilitators in place. Topics included;

    • Gamifying the Classroom
    • Blended Learning
    • Classroom Management/ Student Engagement
    • Global Connections
    • Personalized Learning
    • Inquiry Based Learning
    • PBL

    Participants decided which 4 sessions to attend. Although a facilitator was present, the participants were encouraged to share experiences and direct questions to the group. Ideas were flying, passion was rising,  and from a small spark, a roaring fire of education excitement was ignited! 

    Humble ISD would like to thank the sponsors that made the event possible. Gulf Coast Educators Credit Union supplied breakfast for all and Gift Card prizes. Troxell-CDI supplied Tech Tub, Sphero, Merge Cube, and STEAM Student Kit.