Humble ISD believes in providing multiple layers of support for all employees, but especially for teachers that are "New to Humble" and "New to the Profession" in order to build and grow strong teachers that work with our students. Over the years, the Humble ISD Mentor Program has changed and evolved to meet the changing needs of our new teachers and has grown to incorporate our teachers with experience that are new to Humble ISD.

    Purpose of the Mentoring Program

    The purpose of the Humble ISD Mentor and New Teacher Support System is to provide our teachers, those new to the profession and those new to Humble ISD, with multiple layers of ongoing support through their peers, campus mentors and mentor liaisons, campus and district administration, and through district instructional support staff at the Instructional Support Center (ISC) and the Humble ISD Administration Building.


    Mission Statement

    The Humble ISD Mentor and New Teacher Support System will provide systemic supports at all levels (classroom, campus, and the district) for all new teachers in Humble ISD.