2020-2021 Tryout Info

  • Dates/times/points are subject to change.

    Click here to submit names/times for database for tryouts for swimmers/divers new to the program only.  If you were with us previously we already have your information.  This will be available February 28 - August 7. 

    How do I sign up for KHS Swimming and Diving coaches/team summer notifications:

    Text @khsswimsum to 81010. This is a one way text message system from the coaches to the swimmers and parents.

    In addition to the text messaging group we also have a parent gmail account. Everyone (Varsity, JV, and Diving) will need to send an email (with your athlete name) to kingwood.swim.dive @ gmail.com to be added to the list. It will be this account that email will be distributed from throughout the year.

    Who is eligible to try out?

    Any student who is enrolled at Kingwood HS and has a current Humble ISD athletic physical form and ALL electronic forms on file with the KHS trainer.  See the home page for more information pertaining to physical turn in dates and locations for the summer. 

    What is required to try out?

    To try out, you must have a physical and all electronic participation forms on file with the KHS trainer.  Please plan to have this done by FRIDAY, AUGUST 07, 2020.  We cannot allow anyone to tryout until a physical and all forms on file. Electronic forms are located here (https://humbleisd.rankonesport.com/New/Home.aspx) and will require signatures by both parent and athlete.  This process will take about 10 minutes.

    Changes to Physicals (2020 ONLY) 

    1. Physicals from this year roll over in RankOne for next year. They do not need a new physical.
    2. For an 8th grader who had a physical last year, their physical should be transferred to KHS.
    2. If an athlete did not have a physical this year they must get a new one on the new form for next year (https://tinyurl.com/HumblePhysical). We are not providing a physical day at any school this year. 
    3. You must fill out the medical history form on RankOne. Any yes answers must be explained and it is red flagged. The trainers will go in and determine if a doctors note is required. This does not mean a new physical.
    4. We do not have a time/place determined for new physical/doctors note drop- offs yet. We will let you know the plan.


    What are the events?

    All eight (8) high school events.  50/100/200/500 free's, 100 back, 100 breast, 100 fly, and 200IM.  You must be legal in all four (4) strokes.  In addition, those wishing to tryout for jv and varsity will need to complete a set of 100's free and 100's IM on the following intervals.  Making the 20 x 100 does not guarantee a varsity spot, but enhances your chances:

                      Varsity Girls - 10 x 100 free on 1:18 AND 10 x 100 IM on 1:28
                      Varsity Boys - 10 x 100 free on 1:13 AND 10 x 100 IM on 1:23
                      JV Girls and Boys will need to complete 5 x 100 IM on 2:05 AND 5x 100 Free on 1:50

                How do I get out of swimming the 20 x 100's and still be considered for varsity?
                      Score a minimum of 647 points* for the 8 events and you will not need to swim the 20 x 100's. 
                How do I get out of swimming the 10 x 100's and still be considered for junior varsity?
                      Score a minimum of 90 points* for the 8 events and you will not need to swim the 10 x 100's.

    In addition, for seniors to be considered for Junior Varsity, they must earn a minimum of 100 points*.

    *Points are determined using the NISCA PowerPoint system.  The point charts can be found under Links to the left.

    When and where are tryouts?

    2020-2021 tryouts will be held at the Kingwood High School Natatorium on the following dates:

    Monday, August 10 - 50 Free, 200 IM and 500 free
    Tuesday, August 11- 200 free, 100 breast, 100 back,
    Wednesday, August 12 - 100 fly, 100 Free, training set of 100s free and 100s IM

    Warmups will be 2:30-3:30.
    Meeting in bleachers at 3:35
    Tryouts start by 3:50

    Anyone new to the program will be placed in 7th period before tryouts take place.
      All other athletes will be placed in the period in which they completed last year.  After tryouts, those that need a schedule change will be handled by the coaches.  Please do not contact the counselors, they are aware that only the coach will make the change.

    What about make-up tryouts?

    Communication must be made by the swimmer regarding make ups by Friday, August 07, 2020 no later than 3pm and must be an extenuating circumstance (out of town and surgery are examples on an extenuating circumstances, having to work does not qualify).  Make-ups for tryouts will be Thursday, August 13 at 3pm. There will not be anyone allowed to tryout after make-ups have been closed, unless you are moving in from out of town and are new to the school.

    Announcement of Teams
    The JV and Varsity swimming teams will be posted on the website by 9pm Thursday, August 13 (or Friday, August 14, 2020, if there are makeups).  Schedule change requests will be submitted by the coach, please do not contact the counselors.  Divers will be notified of which team they are on after the completion of the diving tryouts.


    Diving Tryouts
    Divers and interested divers will be placed into 2nd period diving to start the school year.  Coach James will conduct evaluations during the first two weeks of school.  Physicals must be on file by Friday, August 07, 2020 by 3pm in order to be placed in the class and be evaluated.  New divers must be committed to learning a 6 dive list (leading to an 11 dive list) which includes a front, back, inward, reverse, twister, and an optional dive.  You must have 4 of those 6 dives to compete in meets.  New divers will start out as JV and then earn their way to varisty when they aquire a minimum of two dives from each of the five catagories.


    Anything else?
    Be at the pool, ready to swim with all equipment including suit*, caps, goggles, and towel.  Also be ready to help as a timer and/or lap counter.  We also welcome and encourage parent volunteers to help officiate, time, and run the computer and Hy-tek program on tryout days.

    *This is tryout, so swimmers should NOT be wearing championship style meet suits.  Returning swimmers generally wear their dual meet suit from the previous season.


    Tryouts are not open to the public.  Only people allowed on deck during tryouts are swimmers trying out, parents of swimmers trying out, and coach pre-approved volunteers. 

    Where should I go on the first day of school?
    Students should follow their regular schedules until it has been changed to reflect the team made.  As a side note, all athletes new to the program will be placed in 7th period, everyone else will be based on what period they competed the prior academic year.  Those not enrolled in athletic class will meet in the pool area immediately after school. 


    Last update: May 21, 2020