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    21 May 2021

    Dear Incoming Band Students and Parents!!!

    Welcome to the Atascocita Military Marching Band!!  The band continues its tradition of excellence through hard work, dedication, and an environment where everyone works together to achieve common goals.

    Attached is a summer schedule.  As you can see, the band begins rehearsals before school starts; so much is taught during this time, that it is hard for students to catch up if it is missed.  If there is a conflict, parents, please try to reschedule it for your student’s sake.  They will miss a lot of material and their absences will prevent them from earning an initial marching spot.

    Also, please look at your calendars.  Please schedule doctor’s appointments (physicals, eye doctors, immunizations, orthodontists, etc.) during June and July.  This helps your student out a great deal!

    Once school starts, we will follow the rehearsal schedule:

                Mondays                     3:15-5:15pm

                Tuesdays                     No rehearsal (Schedule ALL appointments and anything else on this day!)

                Wednesdays                3:15-5:15pm

                Thursdays                    3:15-5:15pm

                Fridays                        FOOTBALL GAMES!!  Sometimes games are on Thursdays or Saturdays (check the schedule!)

    ***NOTE:  On the week of September 6th, we do not have school on Monday, 6 September, 2021, we WILL have rehearsal on Tuesday, 7 September 2021, from 3:15-5:15pm.***  This will be the only Tuesday for practice during the fall.

    ***ANOTHER NOTE:  Please keep in mind that although the district has given the week of 4 October-8 October off for the rest of the district, students who are in football, cheerleading, drill team and band must perform at the game.  With this in mind, we will have rehearsal on Wednesday, 6 October and Thursday, 7 October.  We are required to perform at the game on Friday, 8 October.

    PHYSICALS:  Your student must have a physical on file, using the district physical form, before they are allowed to practice with the band.  Take care of this now, please.  Turn in all forms to cynthia.troncoso@humbleisd.net.  Thank you!!!

    We will be outside marching for a number of hours each day.  IT WILL BE HOT!!!  We start conditioning ourselves by working outside early in the mornings and later in the afternoons.  HOWEVER—PLEASE MAKE YOUR STUDENTS DRINK WATER!!  I do not allow them to drink soft drinks or drinks with caffeine.  Caffeine dehydrates the body and we do not need to lose any more water than necessary!  Please help me to wean them off of caffeinated and carbonated drinks during marching season.

    Also, in regards to nutrition…EAT BREAKFAST.  Nothing big, heavy, or greasy.  You should eat a bowl of cereal or a bagel or waffles or pancakes or toast or something else easily digestible and NOT GREASY.  Also, drink juice in the morning…it’s good for you!!

    The Band Boosters provide Powerade/Gatorade at each rehearsal during the summer and after school!

    There are some costs associated with membership, but the Boosters have worked very hard to minimizer these costs.   I have outlined approximate prices so you can plan accordingly.  We would like to have all payments received before the student arrives for Summer Marching.  Once purchased, there should be no further purchase of most items necessary throughout the student’s four years in the band program!  We will set up a link for payments and information and will send you the link once it is set up.

    Your students will need the following items and they will be delivered during the first few days of summer band:

    These items will be purchased by the Band Boosters:

    UnderArmour™ Band T-shirt                           $26

    UnderArmour™ Band Red Collared Shirt          $55

    Black AMB Shorts                                          $10

    Band Shoes                                                  $45

    Flip Folder                                                     $10

    Lyre (some instruments)                                $15

    BERP (Brass ONLY if they do not have one)      $20

    Fair Share Fee                                             $200

    Percussion will also need their own mallets, sticks and mallet bag.  We will let you know about those prices online.

    *** If the student takes care of their equipment/clothing, you won’t need to repurchase these items each year!!

    The Fair Share Fee takes care of paying for your students’ Summer Band Sectional Staff, Masterclasses throughout the year, Gatorade during marching season, water in the stands, Band Bash, scholarships, pizza, drinks and snacks at certain times throughout the year.  The Boosters make this money S-T-R-E-T-C-H very far for your students!

    A separate payment will be made to the Band Program (not the boosters) for:

    Cleaning fee (includes 3 cleanings per year)              $30

    Instrument Usage Fee (School-owned instruments only $25 per semester or $40 per year (saving you $10).

    This too can be paid online 

    All wind players must have both a tuner and metronome.  (These can be found free or for very little money on their phone’s App Stores.)

    Reeds/Valve Oil/Mallets as directed by instrument are also required.

    I know this is a lot of information.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at nicholas.luggerio@humbleisd.net.

    Thank you for allowing your student to become part of the best organization in Atascocita…The Atascocita Military Marching Band!  This is the beginning of an awesome experience!!




    Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Atascocita Military Marching Band:


    Q:        Is there time to be in the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND and maintain high academic standards?

    A:        Yes!  Some of the brightest students of Atascocita High School are members of the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND.  We enjoy the distinction of having many of the top 10 students and the top 10% of each graduating class as well as many National Honor Society Members have been members of the AMB!

    Q:        How much time does being a member of the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND take?

    A:        During the first 10 weeks of the fall semester, the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND rehearses only three days after school each week:  Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:15-5:15pm.  During the spring semester, band members rehearse an average of less than one hour per week after school.  Being a member of the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND teaches and requires good time management skills as evidenced by the high academic standards maintained by its members.

    Q:        Is the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND offered for academic credit?

    A:        Yes.  Students receive 1/2 credit of PE for each fall semester of marching band as well as 1/2 credit for fine arts.  The spring semesters count toward your fine arts and elective credits.

    Q:        How do I become a member of the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND?

    A:        You will have the opportunity to have your playing ability evaluated by the Band Director so that you are placed in the appropriate concert ensemble.  These evaluations take place at the end of the current school year and are over music that will be played by the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND the following year.

    Q:        What if I play Oboe or Bassoon?

    A:        These instruments are unique because they are not used on the marching field.  Generally, oboes and bassoons can play saxophone, bass clarinet or flute, based on the needs of the band and the student’s preference.  All marching instrument changes must be approved by the directors.  We will spend time during our "Summer Marching Band" to teach these students any differences between their original horn and their marching horn.

    Q:        Can someone only do marching (fall semester) OR concert (spring) band?

    A:        No.  Our curriculum and program is designed so that each semester builds on the previous semseter and prepares them for the next semester.  Students will sign up for a full year of band.

    Q:        Are members of the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND able to participate in band and sports?

    A:        ABSOLUTELY!!  The band takes pride in having students who participate in sports throughout the year.  The Band Directors and the Coaches work very closely together to allow students to actively participate in both activities.  With enough time and communication, we are able to work almost anything out.

    Q:        What are the costs of membership in the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND?

    A:        Band members are provided with uniforms, large instruments, music, and all football travel costs (except meals).  The band members will need to purchase shirts, shoes, and some instrument supplies that equal approximately $120 at the beginning of their freshmen year.  The shirts and shoes will not need to be repurchased each year unless the student outgrows them, loses them or wears them out!!  There is a $25 fee per semester for use of school owned instruments and a $30 yearly dry-cleaning fee for uniforms.  Finally, in an effort not to nickel-and-dime the parents throughout the year, we have a once per year “Fair Share” fee of $200 that covers all costs of Summer Band Sectional Staff, masterclasses, Gatorade, water at all football games, Band Banquet and other smaller meals and snacks that are needed throughout the year.

    Q:        Can parents become involved with the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND?

    A:        YES!  We have many opportunities for parents to become involved with almost every aspect of the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND!  We look for parent volunteers to help with Summer Band Rehearsals, uniform fittings, uniform alterations, chaperoning at football games, contests and other performances and helping to coordinate events throughout the year.  The reason our band Fair Share fee can be so low is because the ATASCOCITA BAND BOOSTERS run and manage the concessions stands for the Atascocita feeder cluster.  Adult volunteers are always needed to help in this area.  Our out-of-state band trips will need chaperones; those will be invited based on parents who have volunteered the most time throughout the school year.

    Q:        Does the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND travel?

    A:        Yes.  Each year the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND travels to all football games and all UIL/TMEA contests.  Additionally, the band takes an out-of-state trip.

    Q:        Are there band scholarships available?

    A:        Yes—there are three types of scholarships available to band students.  Current band students may apply for Private Lessons Scholarships to help defray the cost of private lessons throughout the school year.  Current students may also apply for Band Camp Scholarships to be used during the summer at a recognized university band camp.  Finally, graduating seniors may apply for Band Booster Scholarships to be used at the college of their choice.

    Q:        What performance opportunities are available to me as a member of the ATASCOCITA MILITARY MARCHING BAND?

    A:        You will perform at all football games, marching contests, pep rallies, parades, Christmas Concerts, All-Region try-outs, Solo & Ensemble contest, Pre-UIL Concert, UIL Concert & Sight Reading contest, Spring Concert, graduation, and other community events throughout the year!


    For more specific information covering policies, procedures and requirements, please refer to our Band Handbook which can be found here.




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