• Lady Panther Track & Field Policies


    The following policies have been established for the Kingwood Park Lady Panther Track & Field Program. These policies will be enforced to uphold high standards, not only during the season, but throughout the year as well. 


    Physicals/Rank One Paperwork

    A medical physical and online Rank One Paperwork (updated yearly) must be on file with the athletic trainer.  These are due the first week of school or one week after the student enrolls in the class period. For athletes that are not in the class period, a physical is required to be on file with the trainer before the first day of practice. This is a UIL requirement.



    Student athletes are expected to maintain an average of 70% or better in all classes. Athletes who are having difficulty meeting this expectation are REQUIRED to attend tutorials weekly during flex lunch. Athletes will not be excused from practice before or after school due to tutorials unless discussed prior with Coach.  Tutorial passes will be assigned on Monday and returned on Friday. Failure to attend tutorials will result in disciplinary actions and/or dismissal from the program. 

    Student-athletes must be on time and attend all classes. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions and/or dismissal from the program.

    Coaches will monitor the academic progress of student athletes. In the event that an athlete encounters chronic academic problems, the coach, along with the Athletic Council will consider if continuation in the athletic program is in the best interest of the student athlete regarding their academic progress.


    Behavior Expectations/ Attitude

    Athletes participating in the Lady Panther Cross Country / Track & Field Program are expected to conduct themselves in a positive, courteous and team-oriented manner throughout the year.  This includes, but is not limited to: the classroom, hallways, practices, meets, busses, team events, and in the community. Respect, positive attitude, and tolerance for all athletes, coaches, officials, teachers, students, parents, and fans is the expectation.   Defiance and disrespect will not be tolerated. 

    Consequences for violation of this policy may include extra-conditioning, meet suspensions, behavioral contracts, removal from the track period, or removal from the entire Cross Country / Track & Field Program. 


    Practice & Meet Attendance

    Attendance at practice is critical for success. Athletes are expected to be present and on time to all practices - before, during, and after school . Athletes are expected to be prepared for workouts with proper clothing and shoes (ex: shorts, shirt, sports bra, socks, running shoes, spikes, ect.) 

    You must email or text the HEAD COACH before or on the day of your absence from practice or from school or it will be considered UNEXCUSED.  You MUST state the reason for your absence.

    Excused absences include:

    • Family Emergencies
    • Absence from school
    • Religious obligations
    • KPHS extra-curricular activities (must be discussed with coach in advance)

    Do NOT ask a teammate to be your messenger regarding your tardiness or absence

    After school detention is not an excused absence 

    Any student-athlete that meets with a teacher before or after school must bring a signed pass from that teacher

    Please plan well in advance and accordingly when scheduling after-school appointments

    If a practice is missed, the athlete will be withheld from competing at the upcoming meet. Consistent, unexcused absences from practice will result in removal from the team. 



    The athlete should be neatly dressed for competition.  Each team member is to be dressed exactly the same while participating in an event.  Every piece of equipment worn by the athlete should be identical to his team members with the exception of shoes. 

    Sports Bras and spandex must be solid black during competition.

    NO CELL PHONES.  Athletes may use their cell phones on the trip home from the meet.

    Be positive & COMPETE!!!

    Always show good sportsmanship.


    Bus Trips and Overnight Travel

    Team members are expected to ride to all meets on the bus with the team on meet days. This creates a sense of team and program unity.

    All athletes making the trip on the bus will return on the bus unless in an emergency situation or when parents are present and there is good reason for returning with parents. The athlete must stay until all teammates are finished competing in the meet and the team meeting is complete. The travel release form must be filled out by the student and signed by his/her parents prior to the trip if they are to return with their parents.  Athletes are never to ride with anyone other than their own parents.

    Team members are expected to inform parents of bus departure and arrival times. Parents are expected to drop off and pick up their daughter in a timely manner.  If the athlete is late, they will not compete in the meet. 

    Team members are expected to ensure that the bus is clean after a bus trip and are expected to uphold Kingwood Park and HISD standards while on the bus. 

    If a student-athlete  misses the bus, they will not compete in the meet



    All illnesses and injuries must be reported to the coaching staff and the trainers IMMEDIATELY. If an athlete has an illness or injury, an athlete is still expected to dress in appropriate workout attire –AND- attend all practices.  

    Injured athletes are required to go to the training room in the morning (6:00 AM for Distance, 6:30 AM for Track & Field). If an athlete needs to go to the training room during class, they will need to check with with their event coach prior to signing into the training room. 

    If an athlete must see a doctor for an illness or injury, they are required to bring a doctor’s note to the training room that indicates the injury or illness, any rehabilitation and/or medication directions, and when the athlete should be cleared.  An additional doctor’s note indicating an athlete is cleared is required for an athlete to be cleared to participate. 



    All athletes must have:

    1. Quality running shoes
    2. Personal water bottle (disposable or reusable)
    3. Spikes (recommended)


    The school will issue your child additional equipment. Athletes are expected to take EXCELLENT care of all equipment issued to them and will be responsible to return all issued items after the season.  (Note: please do NOT dry uniforms). Apparel issued to the athlete is to be worn only during practices and competitions. If their equipment is not turned in on a timely manner, their name will be turned into the office as ‘delinquent’. They will not be able to register until they are cleared.




    1. Always eat breakfast & do not skip meals
    2. Eat 4-6 meals per day or three meals with snack in between.
    3. Eat HEALTHY snacks between meals (and 60-90 minutes before workout)- fruit, granola bars, bagel with peanut butter or jam, nuts, and/or sports drinks. 
    4. Eat and drink something within 30 minutes after your workout- chocolate milk, half a turkey sandwich, fruit and yogurt smoothie, beef jerky, ect. 
    5. Water – Athletes should consume AT LEAST 100 ounces per day (that is one gallon or 6 water bottles!) . Most importantly, dehydration is dangerous, especially during hot practices.
    6. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and complex carbohydrates
    7. Avoid excessive amount of highly processed foods (fast food, high in sugars, oils, fat, and flour)

    Eating right and staying hydrated will provide a number of benefits such as better practice sessions, better races, quicker recovery, and increasing your body’s ability to prevent injury.


    Communication and Chain of Command

    If an athlete or parent has an issue or concern that she would like to address the proper chain of command is as follows:

    1. The athlete with Coach Hannemann and an Assistant Coach.
    2. The athlete with Coach Hannemann, an Assistant Coach, and the athlete’s parents.
    3. The athlete with Coach Hannemann, an Assistant Coach, the athlete’s parents, and the Athletic Coordinator.

    These are the proper channels that should be followed in order to have an issue or concern addressed. It is important for young women to learn to resolve issues on their own (Exception: if you are concerned with your child’s health, please contact me immediately).  Most concerns and issues can quickly and effectively be resolved with good communication between the athlete and her coach. We ask that parental involvement be limited until an athlete has attempted to resolve the situation herself.  

    Coach Hannemann

    E-mail: Ehannem@humbleisd.net

    Office: (281) 641-6777


    Team Announcements

    Team announcements and communication is done primarily through the Remind App.

    Student-Athletes need to join remind in order to receive updates on practice times and locations, competitions, and team events: text @kpgirlstf to 810-10 

    Parents remind text @kptfinfo to 810-10.