• Point Totals 2019-2020


    *Please check the total point penalty hours column.  If you missed a general missing and did not turn in an excuse form (or turned one in AFTER the meeting), you earn a point penalty (2 extra hours of service).  These hours must be completed by the upcoming point deadline.  (Example: If you missed the November general meeting, you have 2 extra hours of service to meet by the Friday, Dec. 20th deadline.  Instead of 15 hours of service, you must have 17 hours of service completed.)

     **Point penalties are current through the November meeting.  If you have any questions about your points or think that there is an error, please come see the sponsors.  We also check the number of total events and the number of NHS-sponsored hours at the semester mark.


    Junior Point Totals - Current Nov. 15


    Senior Point Totals - Current Nov. 15