• LSE Birthday Policy

    Dancing birthday penguin wearing a pink and yellow striped party hat, holding a birthday banner. it is surrounded by balloons

    • Birthday parties are NOT allowed in the classrooms for students or teachers. Balloons may not be given to students at school.


    •  Birthday party invitations CANNOT be distributed at school by students or teachers. This is a district policy. ALL invitations must be distributed OFF CAMPUS, no exceptions.


    We have two options for birthday treats:


    1)  Parents or grandparents are permitted to recognize a child's birthday with treats for the child's class during lunch. We encourage parents to buy the frozen treats from our cafeteria for these occasions! This will minimize the risk to our students with allergies. Please contact the cafeteria manager at 281-641-3508 if you would like to purchase ice cream treats for your child's class.

    Frozen Birthday Treat Form 


    2) Store bought treats may also be distributed by the teacher in class at the teacher's discretion. Please make prior arrangements before sending in treats.