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    Congratulations to the top 8 finishers!

    1. Matthew Braun, Jamper, Airpods
    2. Austin Andrews, Wishfullkid, Pokemon Sword
    3. Peter Agu, Ex-Soldier, GameStop $50 Giftcard, Rice Krispie Treats
    4. Devin Henry, KONGO, Switch case
    5. Israel Saenz, OmegaRed, UberEats Giftcard & Cheese balls
    6. Kirby Johnson, Solo, HHS, DK Plushie, $20 Nintendo Gift Card, Cheese balls
    7. Tahj Kikunga, SouL, Piranha Plant Amiibo
    8. Jarret Almond, Jmac, 2 OOF Free Entrance & Rice Krispie Treats
Top 8 Finishers


  • Rules - Big House 9 Ruleset and Stagelist

    Student ids must be presented.

    1 v. 1 games begin at 3:15 on Fri., 11/15. Players must be checked in by 3:05 or you will DQ & a waiting list player will get the spot. Registration open till Tuesday, 11/12, end of the day. 

    Crew battles start at 2:15 pm.  

    All competitors and spectators must pass the Hygiene Test - Official Gamer Odor Analysts will be doing inspections. Make sure to shower and use deodorant before school. Pack an extra shirt in case you need to change.

    We will need participants to volunteer to supply full setups including dock, all cables, Switch, all DLC including plant, and some game cube adapters.

    Concessions, such as pizza and snacks will be sold. Bring money, as players will get hungry! 

    We have planned that the tournament should be done by 7 pm.

Sponsored by Jumpalooza & The Hideout - Prizes
  • Smash tournament

Bring Food items to room 1768 or 1730 to receive an invitation to register for the tournament.

  • That's Mrs. Wehrman's room or Mr. Mack's room.  Students from schools other than AHS are not required to bring food items, but it would be greatly appreciated!

    Food items may be one or more of the following: canned vegetables, canned soup, dry beans (1 lb. bag), rice (1 lb. bag), brownie mix, stuffing mix, apple sauce, canned gravy, Jiffy cornbread mix, mashed potato mix.

Food Drive