• Naviance


    Our middle and high school students collaborate with parents, teachers and school counselors to create a personalized college and career plan using Naviance. 

What is Naviance?

  • Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness platform that enables self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning, and college preparation that you and your student can use to make plans about colleges, careers, and post-high school plans.

    Dimensions of Naviance:

    • Self-discovery - Through self-discovery, students can find colleges and career pathways that are right for them.  Students learn about their strength, explore their interests and discover how to apply personality traits in school, career and life. 
    • Career exploration - Students use career planning and assessment tools to discover multiple career options and plan their career paths.  It is important to understand the level of education and training required for the careers students are interested in. Students can build a resume, complete online surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers.  
    • Academic planning - Students plan out which courses they need to take in order to achieve their college and career goals. They create individual learning plans that align to high school graduation requirements as well as entrance requirements for the colleges they're interested in. Students can create goals and to-dos, and complete tasks assigned by the school to better prepare your student for future college and career goals.  
    • College preparation and admissions - Students can match college to their career interests and compare colleges and admission rates. Students can compare GPA, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school for students who have applied and been admitted in the past.  

    Naviance Student also allows counselors to share information with you and your student about upcoming meetings and events, local scholarship opportunities, and other resources for college and career information.

How do I access Naviance as a parent/guardian?

  • In January - February, all current 5th - 11th grade parents will receive an email that contains a personal registration code to access Naviance. This email will contain a personal registration code designated.

    This email will be sent out as your students complete the course planning process with their counselor.  Please look for emails from your campus regarding specific dates for your student to select courses.

    When you visit the site for the first time, click the "I need to register" link, enter your personal registration code and follow the on-screen instructions to create your own account.

  • Naviance FAQ's


    As a parent, what is my next step?

    Access your student’s Naviance account to review their course plans, which includes their learning location and course selections for the 2023-2024 school year. Instructions for accessing your student’s Naviance account can be found on our Counseling & Behavioral Services website, as well as the email you will receive once your student has selected courses.

    Will I be able to change my child’s learning location choice in the 2023-2024 school year at any time?

    Campuses in Humble ISD use the course selection process in Naviance to build master schedules and determine staffing needs.  It is the district’s goal to be flexible and supportive while providing a manageable structure for teachers tracking assignments and grades. Specific dates will be determined after the 2023-2024 school year calendar has been approved and finalized.  The ability to change learning locations may depend on the availability of courses and staffing.

    Will all classes be offered in person and online?

    Humble ISD will work to provide as many courses as possible in a virtual format. However, some courses may be impacted by staffing or in-person logistics, which make it challenging to provide virtually.  

    Humble ISD has determined that certain Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses must be taught in person because they require specialized equipment, direct supervision of hands-on activities, compilation of training hours, and/or specific materials and technology. These determinations have been made in conjunction with recommendations released by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). While these designated courses are not available to those students choosing online learning from home, virtual students may select from many other CTE courses that can be offered online or select the Virtual + CTE option and attend the CTE course in person. 

    Additionally, HS Drill Team and MS Competitive Dance Team students must select either in person or the virtual plus UIL option in order to participate in these programs.

    Will all of my child’s classes be taught by a teacher from my child’s home campus?

    Humble ISD provides a personalized education by offering a wide variety of academic and elective courses. In an effort to support virtual students well, students who select virtual learning may be taught by a teacher who serves students from multiple campuses. In certain high school courses, the instructor may be from Lone Star College, the University of Texas-Austin, or other institutions of higher learning. Combining students from multiple schools, and partnering with colleges for certain courses, allows virtual students the opportunity to take a variety of courses that may not be available from their home campus.

    Will virtual students’ schedules look the same next year as they did this year?

    Humble ISD will be creating a period schedule that allows synchronous components within the asynchronous learning model for staff and students. Virtual students will be scheduled into specific class periods for each online class. This will provide a designated time in the school day for the teacher to focus on students enrolled in that period. However, online students will be free to complete school work outside of that class period if needed and will not be required to log in at a specific time for most assignments. 

    Can the privilege of coming to school just for UIL or CTE classes be revoked?

    Students will be required to sign a behavioral contract indicating that they will be on campus at the times that their coaches/directors or CTE teachers have indicated for class/practices/events and will not be on campus at unauthorized times. Ensuring that students are supervised in designated areas helps keep kids safe. Students who do not follow the behavioral contract can face consequences, including losing the privilege of coming on and off campus during the school day. They may be required to become a full-time on-campus student or a full-time online student.

    How can I learn more about course selections?

    Campuses will host a Parent Night, depending upon the schedule that the school will be using for counselor presentations to students. You will receive communication from your students' campus via email. We look forward to meeting your child’s needs and continuing partnership with your family.

    What is the criteria for being a virtual learner in 2023-2024?

    • Attendance: The student must not have more than 10% unexcused absences in the 2022-23 school year. The student must maintain less than 10% unexcused absences in the 2023-24 school year to remain eligible for virtual instruction. All Humble ISD students are required to attend classes (virtual and F2F) in accordance with the TEA mandated 90% attendance for credit rule.
    • Academic: Secondary students must maintain a C or higher in all foundation curriculum courses (English, Math, Science and Social Studies).
    • STAAR: Students must take the grade appropriate STAAR/EOC exam.


    • Athletic Expectations:
      Academic Progress

      Coaches will monitor the academic progress of student athletes.  Virtual/UIL students who fail a class for two consecutive eligibility/grading periods will be given the choice to return to in person learning or be removed from athletics.  In the event that the student continues to have chronic academic deficiencies, the athletic council will meet to determine whether the student should be removed from athletics.

      Athletic periods / Practices

      Virtual/UIL students must attend athletic periods/practices on a daily basis both in season and out of season.  Students with chronic attendance issues will be given the choice to return to in person learning or be removed from athletics.


      Any Virtual/UIL student who creates a disturbance on campus while they should be off campus will be warned one time. On a second disruption they will be given the choice to return to in person learning or be removed from athletics.


    • CTE Expectations:
      • Virtual + CTE students must attend CTE classes in person on a daily basis in accordance with the District attendance policy.  Students are expected to be present in CTE courses, arrive on time, participate in all class activities, and leave the campus as soon as their CTE courses have ended.  Students with chronic attendance issues will be given the option to return to in-person learning or be removed from the CTE course.
      • Any Virtual + CTE student who creates a disturbance on campus while they should be off campus will be warned one time.  Any further disruptions will result in students being given the choice to return to in-person learning or be removed from the CTE course.
      • Due to the nature of some CTE courses, virtual equivalent options are not always available.  A student who opts to be a Virtual + CTE student will need to commit to completing the semester of CTE courses in person.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of the CTE credit.