• If you are planning to move over the summer break, print and complete an intent to move form.  Return completed and signed form to the Registrar's office prior to the last week of school. Note: The student must complete the semester final exams in order to receive credits for the semester.

    PLEASE NOTE: Your student will not be withdrawn without a completed Leaver form (see below), and they will continue to be counted absent until documentation is received.


    If you are changing schools, please fill out this form PEIMS LEAVER (the top portion of Page 1 ONLY), and return to the Registrar A 24 hour notice must be given when withdrawing a student, as it takes time to collect records, books, school-owned equipment, etc. 



    If you plan to homeschool your student, please fill out the PEIMS LEAVER (the top portion of Page 1 ONLY) and the HOME SCHOOL ASSURANCE STATEMENT. Both forms should be returned to the Registrar.



    Proof of residence is required any time your address changes (see requirements below). Guardians cannot make this change in HAC. Please send changes to the Registrar
    • For students residing in a house, the lease, deed, or a current utility (gas, water, electricity) bill will suffice.
    • For students residing in an apartment, a lease containing parent and student names or a letter from the apartment manager is required.
    • If both parent and student live with a relative or friend in Humble ISD whose residence is not an apartment, the parent and the person with whom they reside must submit a notarized Verification of Address Affidavit. Email registrar for a copy of the form.


    INTRA-DISTRICT TRANSFERS: Students transferring from one Humble ISD campus to another Humble ISD campus. More info here.