• Private lessons give your students a chance to have one on one time with a professional musician. They last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the teacher, and parents are allowed to sit in on the lessons. 

    There are a number of private teachers in the Humble area. Private lessons are NOT required. However, they benefit students greatly and I highly recommend them. 

    Included is the information about some of the private teachers I would recommend.



    Darbi Green

    Openings for Students for Summer lessons

    Location: Summer Creek HS

    Contact: darb81@hotmail.com for more info & to reserve your spot

    Students choose between dates I will be here in the Summer



    Yu-Chuan Lin



    Dante Aguilar


    Contact for rates



    Ethan Adkison



    Jarrett Bastow

    Phone - (518) 496-6188

    Email - jlbastow.music@gmail.com

    Jarrett Bastow

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