Colorful Colorado
  • Education:

    Metropolitan University of Denver, Colorado

    English Lit

    Elementary Education



    I have worked in education for 19 years. I have worked in a wide variety of roles ranging from working as a supervising teacher for an early learning center; to working as an elementary classroom teacher; to working now in my second year as a special education teacher. 


    My family and I moved to the Houston area from Colorado in the summer of 2017.

    My husband, George, and I are big nerds. We love comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dungeons and Dragons...all the nerdy things in life. We have successfully turned our two teenage sons to the dark side and they too are into their own nerdy endeavors. 

    We have a fat, crosseyed rolly polly cat named Rocket; and a giant furball (shetland sheep dog) named Eduardo.

    I love gardening, painting, crafting, and reading in my spare time.