Library Assistants Club

  • Students have been divided into 10 teams. Each team has 3 people assigned part of the day to help in the library.

    A group will help before school

    B group is asked to come either during their recess or their sparkle time. They DO NOT have to come both times.

    C group will leave class at 3:05 IF their teacher okays them leaving. IF the teacher needs them that is the priority. 


    I have asked the students to tell me if they are unable to help at the time I have given them so I can switch them. If something comes up have them come tell me. In the Spring students will have a different time of day to come in the library and help.


    I have given each student a calendar that shows the week their team will come in and help. This calendar will also be outside the library.


    Library Assistant Jobs

     TEAM A - Mornings:

    1. Turn on computers
      • User Name: studentgte
      • Password: gte
    2. Deliver any laminating
    3. On Tuesday – ONLY Put the Kindergarten basket in the kindergarten hallway
    4. Go to Mrs. Wilkes computer lab
    5. Turn on computers
    6. Wipe keyboard tray and mouse
    7. Ask her if there is anything else you can do to help
    8. Check the TO DO box. I may have things you can do to help me


    TEAM B During the day (Either Recess or Sparkle time)

    1. If it is your library day I MAY have you check in books OR help supervise checkout
    2. Students will type in lunch number and hit ENTER
    3. Their name should appear
    4. They will scan their own books. If a message pops up then read it and see what you need to do… Ask me or a volunteer if you don’t know what to do
    5. During your lunch recess come see if I need help.
    6. IF YOU are available at 1:15 see Mrs. Wilkes to help with kindergarten if it is a B week (little kids at computers)
    7. Straighten the shelves or if genre books need to be put away work on those
    8. Check the TO DO box. I may have things you can do to help me




    TEAM C – END Of the School Day around 3:00-3:05 (if your teacher says it is okay!)

    1. Come and shut down the computers at the research station and the Interactive boards if not being used by me.
    2. Wipe down the tables, door handles, the keyboards and mice
    3. Vacuum the everybody carpet
    4. Put trash cans together by doors closest to search station
    5. ON TUESDAY put recycle bin in the hallway
    6. Sharpen pencils
    7. Check the TO DO box. I may have things you can do to help me


    Other Activities:


    1. Get a Reader’s Theater script and record for the morning news
    2. Make Bookmarks ( I have paper and stickers)
    3. Write about a book you liked and put on the wall for others to see
    4. Make a poster about a book you like to hang in the hallway