• 1st grade lunch is from 11:00-11:30


    What's for lunch?? CLICK HERE to see the current lunch menu!

     Need to add money to your childs account?? CLICK HERE!

     Ice Cream in 1st grade! In 1st grade students are allowed to purchase ice cream tickets on Friday's only! (with the exception of birthdays, which of course can be purchased for any day!) If you allow your child to purchase ice cream on Friday's please make sure there is money in their account and that there are no restrictions on their account. If you wish for your child to not be able to purchase ice cream tickets please CLICK HERE to log into your account and place restrictions on your child's account. If there are no restrictions on their account, and they have money in their account, the cafeteria will allow them to buy ice cream.

     Birthday treats!

    The easiest way to help celebrate your childs' birthday at school is to order ice cream for the class during lunch on the day of celebration. If you're interested in ordering treats for your student's birthday, please contact Gracie in the cafeteria 281-641-2208 at least 2 weeks in advance

    If you would like to send in your own food item such as cupcakes, cookies, etc. you will first need to contact our school nurse, Mrs. Jones at 281-641-2205 a few days before the date you would like to bring the item. She will need ingredient information and will then give approval if granted. If approved, it must best given during our class lunch (11:00-11:30). It is best to contact Mrs. Jones BEFORE purchasing the food item to check for approval, just in case there is an ingredient that our class cannot have.

    If you wish to send in a NON food item, such as pencils, erasers, stickers, etc. to help celebrate your child's birthday that is completely ok! Just make sure to send in enough for the entire class (we currently have 21 students).

     Learn more about our Child Nutrition Services by clicking HERE!