• Rainbow 6 Siege players! The AHS Esports team is hosting tryouts to play for our own R6 team on Saturday, September 14th. We will be hosting it on pc and it will be online and will be playing in custom matches with randomly decided teams to determine the official AHS R6 PC team. Individuals will be judged based on aim, map knowledge, teamwork skills, patience, and their ability to make proper callouts at the right times. We are excited to recruit new members and best luck to all!

Rainbow 6 X-box

  • The Xbox Rainbow 6 tryouts will be on 9-15 this Sunday, September 15 at 5:00 PM thru 7:00 PM. I will host it online in a party and we will do specific checks to see how good you are at callouts, team fluidity, accuracy, map knowledge, and overall skill. We will be doing a terro hunt for basic warm-up and then customs with randomized teams. The games will be official pro league style with maps that are in the ranked rotation and the gamemode will be bomb. Its gonna be a blast (no pun intended) and remember that Tachanka will always be at your side! Pogs


  • Formal tryouts for the Fall season have concluded.