Update 8/29/2019

  • The feedback we have received indicates an overall favorable tone around Option A with bus transportation provided for those in the area on the map marked 55F and 55B (Summerwood east of Deussen Parkway) to Elementary School #29. Additionally, Option A includes a Flex Zone from Balmoral (Ridge Creek and Groves Elementary Schools attendance areas) to Elementary School #29 to help manage enrollment at RCE and GE. Option A also phases out the Lakeshore Flex Zone to Groves.  

FAQs - Groves

  • Will there continue to be bus service in the Groves?
    Yes. Humble ISD will continue to provide bus service to and from Groves Elementary School throughout this school year and next school year. Bus service is provided due to construction in the area and traffic congestion near the campus. In the future, Humble ISD will evaluate conditions to determine whether bus service for those within 2 miles of the school will continue past the 2020-2021 school year. 

    Will my area be served by a school bus when attendance boundaries change for the 2020-2021 school year?

    GE Bus Transportation for ES29

    Where do Groves’ students come from?

     GE Attendance Chart

    Why can’t all Flex Zones be eliminated at Groves?
    There are 311 children residing in the Groves attendance area. Groves Elementary is designed to serve more children. Fast-growth school districts must maximize use of buildings and serve all growing areas. 

    What is being done to control enrollment growth at Groves Elementary School?

    • Humble ISD is building Elementary School #29 to open in August 2020. Under both Option A and Option B for ES #29 attendance zone proposals, the Lakeshore Elementary School Flex Zone is phased out. Homes within this area would be zoned to Lakeshore Elementary. However, students already attending Groves Elementary will be allowed to remain at Groves through the completion of fifth grade if they choose to do so.

    • Humble ISD is offering students living in Balmoral, who now attend Groves Elementary, the option to attend Elementary School #29 with bus service provided under both Option A and Option B. It is likely that Balmoral will be zoned to Elementary School #29 in future years because the county has indicated plans to build a bridge over a railroad track that would allow for Timber Forest Drive to connect Balmoral to Lakewood Pines.

    • Eliminate General Transfers. The only general transfers allowed into Groves Elementary School will be students accepted into the Spanish Immersion Program, children of Groves Elementary staff members, and siblings of students currently attending Groves under a transfer granted in a previous year.

    Is the district’s demographer trustworthy?
    Yes.  Population and Survey Analysts (PASA), based in College Station, is the largest demographic firm in Texas and has specialized in working with public school districts since 1980. In addition to helping Humble ISD manage growth, PASA has helped Cypress- Fairbanks ISD, Frisco ISD, Highland Park ISD, Katy ISD, Klein ISD, Leander ISD, Waco ISD and many other districts. In 2015, PASA projected that there would be 317 children living in the attendance zone for Groves in 2019-2020. There are 311, which is close to their projection. PASA’s projection for next year is 378 children living in the Groves attendance zone.

    Proposed Elementary School #29 Attendance Zone: Option A 
    Proposed Elementary School #29 Attendance Zone: Option B

    Boundaries are currently scheduled to be approved at the Sept. 10 School Board meeting. Results will be communicated by email on Sept. 11.

    Elementary School #29 Construction & Ground Breaking

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