• Previous TAKS, TAAS and TEAMS Testers 

    Beginning with the 2017–2018 School Year, the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (Taks) Assessments Will No Longer Be Administered. Students for Whom Taks Is a Graduation Requirement, Including Former Taas and Teams Examinees, May Pursue the Following Options to Receive a Texas High School Diploma.
    1. Achieve satisfactory performance on an alternate assessment.  The alternate assessments allowed for TAKS are SAT, ACT, TSI and STAAR.  Former TAKS, TAAS and TEAMS examinees should take only the appropriate part of the alternate assessment he or she needs to fulfill testing graduation requirements. More information about this option can be found in the TAC §101.4003 policy.

    2. Provide evidence of an industry-recognized postsecondary license or certification recognized by the Texas Education Agency.

    3. Perform satisfactorily on the applicable subject-area test of a state-approved high school equivalency examination.

    4. Evidence of current active duty service in the armed forces or a DD Form 214 indicating honorable or general discharge from the armed services.

    5. College transcript provided showing completion of a college-level coursework and earned credit.

    If none of those are applicable, a former student may request a district decision. A former student should contact the school district where he or she was last enrolled to request a district decision regarding whether he or she qualifies to graduate and receive a high school diploma. More information about this option can be found in Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §74.1027.  

    If you think you are eligible and meet any of the above criteria, and would like to begin the process of requesting a district decision, please fill out the form for TAKS/TAAS/TEAMS Request for High School Diploma.

    In order to pursue any of these options, the student must have previously received credit in all coursework required for graduation.

    Board Policy regarding TAKS Graduation Options