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    I will make sure to respond to emails ASAP with high point hours being 10-12 and 4-5 during this time  . . .

     ALL GRADES:  Click here for a few fun activities CHALLENGES 

    Listen to music and dance! Sing-a-long! Make up new words to twinkle twinkle. . .

    3rd & 4th Grade PROGRAM IS PENDING........

    check Links, Downloads & Recorders tabs for 3rd & 4th Grade to continue refreshing program skills. . .

    3rd graders with scripts . . . keep practicing!!!


    3rd and 4th grade are getting ready for their performances on ????????

    3rd grade will be at 6:15 and they will need to arrive and come to their classrooms at 5:45

    4th grade will be at 7:00 and they will need to arrive at their classrooms at 6:30


    4th Grade Recorder Practice Sheet is up!!! 




    my conference time is 7:45 - 8:30