The online textbook resources can be accessed through students' "MyHumble" login through the RMS Webpage
    Go to the Riverwood Website and click the STUDENTS tab at the top
    On the next page click MyHumble icon in the student links portion

    Username is the same as your Computer login

    User Name = abczyx4567

                        abc = first three letters of first name

                        zyx = first three letters of last name

                        4567 = last four numbers of ID



    Password is the same as the Computer password you created

    Password= abc123456

                     abc = lower case initials

                     123456 = Your student ID

     Example: If your name is Edward Ross Moran and your 

                   Student ID is 123456, you would enter

                   erm123456 as your password.


    Textbook access

    Once on the MyHumble page find the McGraw Hill app icon

    Click the icon to access the textbook login screen



    US History Online Textbook

    Select the Chapter & Lesson that you are looking for