• Some Of My Favorite Things




    Fast Food:              Chick fil a


    Sit Down Resturant:       Texas Roadhouse, Pappositas, 


    Coffee:                   Iced Mocha ( NOT caramel) (McDonalds is my favorite)


    Kolache:                         Sausage and Cheese


    Donut:                             Glazed, any 


    Breakfast Food:                 Chick fil a chicken minis, blueberry muffins


    Store:                             Amazon all the way


    Chocolate:          Everything...Anything milk chocolate (Kisses, plain M & M)


    Sweets:               Starburst, anything


    Sour:                   Sour gummy worms, sour straws, sour patch kids


    Chips:                  Cheddar and sour cream, bbq


    Snack:                 Caramel popcorn, white cheddar popcorn, Anything


    Cold Drink:            Coke


    Hot Drink:               Hot chocolate


    Sonic Drink:                   Cherry limade, strawberry slush 


    Cookies:                          Oreos, soft chocolate chip. Tiff's Treats


    Cake:                                  Chocolate, Lemon from Nothing Bundt Cakes


    Color:                               Blue, purple


    Scent:                                Clean, baking