• Preschool Intake Process for children ages 3 to 5 years 

    A preschool intake is most often conducted by the educational diagnostician and speech-language pathologist on a student’s home campus at the request of a parent when concerns are present in the areas of self-help, behavior, cognition, communication, social interactions, or motor skills.  Prior to the scheduling of the intake, the school nurse must be contacted to set up a vision and hearing appointment.  Any difficulties in hearing or sight should be ruled out prior to any assessments in order to ensure the validity of results.  Please contact Tiffany Kennerly, MBE’s school nurse, at 281-641-2905, to schedule this appointment.  The preschool intake may then be scheduled by contacting the educational diagnostician, Renee' Neff, at 281-641-2904, or speech-language pathologist, Erin Nolan, at 281-641-2945.  

    Prior to the intake appointment, the following copies are also needed:

    • Birth Certificate (state issued certificate)
    • Proof of Residency (recent utility bill - not a phone bill)
    • Immunization Record (with physician signature or stamp)
    • Parent or Guardian's Driver's License

    On the day of scheduled intake (with diagnostician and SLP), please arrive on time and with all above requested documentation.  Typically, this appointment will take one to 2 hours.  Upon completion, the assessment personnel along with the parents/guardians present will make determinations and recommendations regarding whether referral for a special education evaluation may be indicated. 

    **If your child participates in a Mother's Day Out or preschool program, teacher information will be requested related to classroom strengths and weaknesses.  

    **If there is exposure to a second language in the home other than English (even if the child does not speak this second language), additional background information and language screening by district assigned bilingual assessment personnel may needed.