• Directors:
    Jason Watt
    Mr. Watt leads Only Men Aloud, Kapelle, King’s 4, Madrigals, and The Megawatts

    Penelope Campbell
    Mrs. Campbell leads Cantilena and Bel Canto

    The Choir Room is Rm. 1200

    Class Schedule:

    1st period: Conference
    2nd period: Only Men Aloud (Varsity tenor-bass)
    3rd period: Cantilena (Advanced non-varsity treble)
    4th period: Bel Canto (Non-varsity treble)
    5th period: Kapelle (Varsity treble)
    6th period: King's 4 (Non-varsity tenor-bass)
    7th period: Madrigals (Select mixed ensemble)


    Zoom tutoring times from August 11-21:

    Wednesday from 2-3pm

    Friday from 1-2pm

    (These tutoring times may be broken up for use as sectionals or one on one time)