All students are required and expected to fill out their daily planner/agenda in class with the day's classroom topics.  Parents are not required to have sign the planner, but are encouraged to check their student's planner, backpack, and homework folder daily to discuss ongoing learning and school activities. 

    All students are expected to read for a minmum of 30 minutes every night (Monday through Thursday) and should be prepared to discuss the book they are reading with Mrs. Davis, a classmate, or through writing or other class activities. Students are encouraged to bring their books to school.

    Homework will typically consist of any work not completed during the normal school day. If incomplete work becomes a repeated issue, Mrs. Davis will communicate with parents by phone, e-mail, or in the weekly Tuesday folder. 



    Conduct folders will be sent home each week on Tuesday (Tuesday Folders). These contain conduct information for the previous week, along with any graded work and school handouts. Parents should sign the week's conduct log and return by Thursday of each week. 

    Weekly emails will be sent to parents outlining upcoming important dates, general class topics, and other information. 



    If you need to schedule a phone or in-person conference, please email Mrs. Davis at allyson.davis@humbleisd.net or call 281-641-2053 to make an appointment.