Parent information
  • Thank you for your support!

    Here are a few helpful reminders:

    * Download Classdojo on your phone.

    * Please send your student with a backpack every day.

    * Please send a small water bottle for your child to drink at

       snack time.

    * Please send a blanket or towel for rest time.

    * Please send a change of clothes in the backpack.

    * Please check the Daily Folder after class and initial the


    * Please put money in a baggie labeled with your child's

       name and reason for the money. Tuck it in the Daily Folder


    * Please have your student wear shoes that will

       support running and jumping such as keds or tennis shoes

       every day.

    * Please label all loose clothing such as sweaters and

       jackets with your child's name.

    * Always send a note to school the day your student

       returns from an absence with the reason for the absence.

    * Always send a note to the teacher when your address,

       phone numbers, etc. change.