Weekly homework will be assigned on Friday and due the following Friday.

    sign up using the following information:

    LinkConnect Ed 

    Or copy/pastehttps://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do


    User name: hisd, first 3 letters of the first and last name and last 4 digits of student id

    ex: hisdlaugro1234


    Password: humble student id

    ex: humble123456


    • There will be weekly ONLINE homework assigned on Friday which will be due the following Friday by 8:30 AM. Students will be allowed to work on these questions in class ONLY when all other work is completed. 
    • Incomplete work notification will be sent to parents/guardians via email if assignments are not submitted.
    • If you do not have internet access at home, computers are available in the school library from 8-8:50, and there are two work stations in both Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Tapners's class that will be available

    *******Do not wait until the night before the due date to begin working or informing me you are having technical problems with ConnectEd.