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    Spanish 3/4 NS and Spanish 2



    Here are my Google Classroom codes

    1st  Period  Native Speakers 3/4: 42djjgt
    2nd Period Native Speakers 3/4: kskut4q
    3rd Period Spanish 2: ktcj32q
    5th Period Spanish 2: zhst6tt

    6th Period Spanish 2: q4duf77
    7th Period Spanish 2: s2sx77w
          DAEP Spanish 2: pfgp5h5



    Distance Learning @ HHS

    Each week students will find in Google Classroom:

      • Monday: Overview, Learning Objectives and E-Teach Resources (Max. 20 min)

      • Wednesday: Learning OpportunityActivity Applying Prior Knowledge (Max. 45 min)

      • Friday: Collaborative Engagement: opportunity for students to engage and discuss (max. 45 min.)



    Please contact me by email to set up a Google Meet tutoring session.

Sra. Polanco