• Welcome to 4th Grade!




    2019-2020 District Calendar

    Please familiarize yourself with the new district calendar which can be found on the Humble ISD website.



    School starts at 7:55 a.m.

    Students arriving to the classroom after 8:00 will be marked “tardy.”

    Students may enter the building at 7:30am. Students who arrive prior to 7:50 will need to wait in the cafeteria until they are dismissed to class. 



    Daycare 3:10          

    Walkers/Bikers 3:15           

    Car Riders 3:20


    Inclement Weather Dismissal may be called due to thunder/lightning or heavy rain.  Be sure to fill out this section on the dismissal form!


    Please send change in dismissal emails to teachers in addition to Laura Roberts (Registrar). A  parent note may also be sent with student on the day of the dismissal change.


    Planners:  Students are responsible for filling out planners each day.

    All students have the same planner. 


    Homework: Students will write homework assignments in planners. Homework participation is part of a student’s weekly conduct grade.


    Tutoring:  Students will bring home a notice if they have been invited to attend tutoring.



    Grades:  Can be checked in your Home Access Account

    From the BBE Website


    90-100%     A

    80-89%       B

    70-79%       C

    69 and below   F   


    Note: the Humble ISD School Board adopted this grading scale on 8/14/18  


    Snack: 1 healthy, easy- to- eat snack per day. No yogurt. Only water to drink in the classroom  (no mix-ins, juice, gatorade, etc).


    Parents/Grandparents/Guardians are welcome to visit their child during lunch.  Parents must sit with their child at a designated table in the cafeteria and may not invite classmates or friends to sit with them.


    Birthday Treats:  Treats (cookies, cupcakes, etc)  may be distributed to your child’s classmates in the cafeteria during the last five minutes of the lunch period. “Treat Bags”  are not allowed to be distributed to classmates for birthdays or any other holiday.


    Birthday Party Invitations:   District policy does not allow invitations to be distributed at school.  Bear Branch is setting up a Google Doc this year to help parents send electronic invitations to classmates whose parents have elected to participate.  

    Specials:  Please see your homeroom teacher’s website for weekly specials schedule.

    Sneakers must be worn on P.E. days.


    2020 STAAR Dates (4th Grade):   


    Tuesday, April 7th - Writing  Tuesday, May 12 - Math    Wednesday, May 13-Reading    


    Volunteer Opportunities:

    Visit the PTA representatives in the cafeteria on Aug 8th or find the PTA online from the Bear Branch Elementary website.

    More information may be found in the Humble ISD Parent/Student Handbook located on the Humble ISD website under Information‚ěĚStudent Handbook as well as the Bear Branch Elementary website.


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Doiron