• Hello and welcome to my classroom website!

    I know this school year will bring with it some challenges and we can all expect this year to be eventful. Please let us be remindful of our commitment to our children's success and being understanding of one another as we move through this unprecedented school year together! 

    I am looking forward to creating an awesome year with my students and their families! 

    If you are a student, you will be able to find additional welcome information and all online materials on my Schoology page for your course. Please log in to your MyHumble page to open the Schoology software. Once you open it, you will see all the courses you are are enrolled in. Select your class and have fun looking around and using it. Schoology will be my main online presence for all my courses.  

    If you are a parent/guardian, please email me to receive your Schoology code that will link you your child's Schoology account to yours. Email is the best way to communicate with me. If you call and I am unavailable, please leave a message with your information and concern. Please allow some time for me to return your phone call. 

     1st - US History 11th Grade
    2nd - US History (Virtual) 11th Grade
    3rd - US History  (Virtual) 11th Grade
    4th - US History 11th Grade
    5th - AP World History 10th Grade
    6th - AP World History 10th Grade
    7th - Planning/Conference 

    Tutorials* - Mondays & Wednesdays "A" Schedule from 3 to 3:30pm 
                     Tuesdays & Thursdays "B" Schedule from 3 to 3:30pm

                     *Tutorials are offered in person for related to A/B schedule, I will also have open Zoom tutorials at the same time

    Contact Info
    Phone #: (281) 641-5508

    Email: jack.griffith@humbleisd.net

    Room Number: 1112


    Ways to following what's going on in class: 

    Twitter: @schs_griffith

    US History Remind: @32dkg4

    AP World History Remind: @2bffhg

Mr. Griffith