• Dates to Remember 

      8/22 First Day of 2016-2017 School Year
      8/6 Early Release 12:00
      9/5 School Holiday 

      Balls for Recess:   Students may bring their own balls, marked with their name, for recess.  Please note that footballs are not allowed. 
      Dressing for Warmer Weather
      Please keep the Humble ISD dress code in mind as students dress for the warmer weather.   If a student is not dressed appropriately for school, he/she, will be sent to the nurse for clothes or to call parents to bring a change of clothes. 
      Grades will be posted on-line regularly. I try to have grades posted within 24/48 hours of a given graded assignment.  You should be able to view your child's grades using "Home Access Center".  See the district website, "Parent" tab.  We are currently in the 1st nine week grading period for the 2015-16 school year.  
      Cardinal Prep
       Cardinal Prep (tutoring) is for students who may need some additional reinforcement of skills for a period of time.  Cardinal Prep will begin in October.  Invitations will be sent  in September in the Friday folder to those students who are being asked to attend on a regular basis.  
      Please check you child's planner daily.  The homework is posted in the same place in our room each day, and the children are reminded in the projected message, as well as verbally to copy their homework assignment. If a student forgets his/her homework at school, they may come in at 7:30 a.m. to get the work, but they will need to take it to the cafeteria to complete.
      Cool Kid Cooler
      A new Cool Kid will be named each week.  If your child brings the "Cool Kid Cooler" home, please look inside for the directions.  We will enjoy learning about each student as they share the items they select for the cooler.  
      Snack/Water Bottle
      Please remember to send a healthy snack and water bottle with your child daily. Please send a non-spraying sports type water bottle to class in order to prevent spills.