• Frequently Asked Questions

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    What if my child is having a problem in class?

    - I am here to help your child grow so please fill free to contact me via email, Class Dojo, or call with any issues that may come up throughout the year.


    Can my child bring a water bottle?

    - Yes! It is encouraged to have your child bring a water bottle each day to help maximize learning. 


    Will my child be able to eat a snack?

    - Absolutely. If you would like to send snacks for your child or the whole class (25 students). Please refer to the approved snack list


    Can I bring cupcakes to celebrate my child's birthday?

    - Please refer to our campus policy.


    What if it is raining and my child is a walker or biker?

    - If it is raining please consult our rainy day dismissal policy.