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Dr. Russell

Ms. Russell
  • Regular Schedule:

    1st Period: 


    2nd Period:


    3rd Period:

    Forensic Science

    4th Period:

    Forensic Science

    5th Period:

    Forensic Science

    6th Period:

    Forensic Science

    7th Period:

    Virtual Forensic Science



    Virtual: Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 2:30-3:00pm 

    (Zoom link in Schoology)


    Tuesday & Thursday @ 3:00-3:30pm



  •                             Kia Russell Ph.D.

    Subject: Forensic Science            Classroom: T-13

    Phone: 281-641-7763                 Email: kia.russell@humbleisd.net



  • Classroom Expectations

    *Students are expected to keep their cell phones in their backpack, purse or pocket and are not to have it visible unless given instructions from the teacher.

    *Students are expected to be in their seats when the bell rings and focusing on the day’s activities (starting warm ups).

    *Be Respectful – Students will not speak while others are speaking, respect each other’s property, and respect each other’s differences and opinions. 

    *Be Responsible- Students will bring the proper supplies, complete work before coming to class and pick up after themselves.

     Virtual Learners

    *Students should complete assignments daily and attend scheduled office hours if they have any questions or concerns.

    *Students must use their legal first and last names when signing onto any platform.

    *Students must be appropriately dressed and use appropriate language in video/assignments while following all classroom and campus rules/epectations.