Ms. Page

Ms. Page
  • Contact Information

    Room 2512 


  • Class Schedule

    1st period: Dyslexia and Reading

    2nd period: Dyslexia and Reading

    3rd period: Conference

    4th period: Strategic Writing

    5th period: Strategic Writing

    6th period: Strategic Writing

    7th period: Strategic Writing

  • Tutoring

    Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:00-3:30pm

    *Other times available upon request

  • Class Expectations

    1. We will create an environment where it is safe to be ourselves and share ideas and writing.
    2. We will not talk while the teacher or our classmates are talking.
    3. We help others and celebrate their successes.
    4. We clean up after ourselves and always leave an area as clean as or cleaner than we found it.
    5. We take responsibility for our own learning.
    6. We will not disrupt and hinder other’s ability to learn.
    7. We expect effort, failed attempts, and growth but not perfection.
    8. We work from bell to bell.
    9. Class time is for learning, not personal grooming, eating or drinking (except for water).
    10. We will be honest.
    11. We have the same expectations at assemblies, in the library, in the hallway and for substitutes as in the classroom.
    12. We will follow all AHS building rules and policies.