• Felix J. Lopez Ortiz

    Room 305

    Phone number: 281-641-6069




    I am originally from Puerto Rico. I moved to Houston in 2015, looking for a better future for me and my future family. My experience as a teacher in Houston has been an amazing ride, full of success and failures. It is my 9th year as a teacher and I am excited to have your son/daughter as my student. 

Ross Sterling
  • Daily Schedule

    1) Conference 8:28-9:18

    2) 7th Grade Reading 9:22-10:15 

    3) Planning Period 10:19-11:09

    4) 7th Grade Reading ICS 11:13-12:03

    5) 7th Grade Reading 12:37-1:27

    6) 7th Grade Reading 1:31-2:21

    7) 7th Grade Reading 2:25-3:15

    8) 7th Grade Reading 3:19-4:05