• Greg Tang Math Games


      Ten Frame Mania,  How Many?, NumTanga, Math Limbo, Kakooma, Coin Bubble, Minus Mania

    • Glencoe Math

      There are TONS of different manipulatives and story boards for PreK-8th grade.

    • McGraw Hill (Math)

      McGraw Hill has a small selection of virtual manipulatives. Students can select to show a notepad that they can type in number sentences and various types of math problems.
    • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (iTools)

      iTools has several easy to use math manipulatives for a variety of grade levels.

    • The Math Learning Center

      The Math Learning Center has web apps (these also are availble as iPad apps and Chrome extensions) that are fabulous.

    • Google Drive

      Google Drive is a place where student can store and access your files anywhere with Google Drive — on the web, on your hard drive, or on the go. 

      Here’s how it works:

      1. Create a Google Drive account at drive.google.com.
      2. Install Google Drive on your Android deviceiPhone/iPad, and computer.
      3. Upload and sync files in Google Drive.
    • Scholastic Reading Club

      More information about Scholastic Reading Club such as our class activation code is located to the left of the screen under Scholastic Resource link!

      Class Activation Code: J2MD6

    • Our Librarian's Website

      Through this web page you will find useful links from our librarian Ms. Roeder!

    • Read Write Think

      The Read Write Think website provides links to great tools to use for writing poetry, organizing and summarizing.

    • Storyline Online

      The SAG-AFTRA Foundation records well-known actors reading children’s books and makes graphically dynamic videos so that children around the world can be read to with just the click of a Storyline Online video book image.

    • Dogo News

      DOGO News has nonfiction articles for kids on current events, science, sports, and more!

    • Prodigy (Math)


      Parents, by selecting the prodigy math curriculum-standards/#Texas  link, it will let you see a topic-by-topic breakdown of how Prodigy supports each grade by using a dropdown menu that will take you to the breakdown of the TEK to an example question of each standard.

    • StemScopes (Science)

      STEMscopes is a digital science tool.

    • StemScopes (Student Science Games)

      Adobe Flash is required.

      Backyard Engineers

      Create the ultimate catapult and launch water balloons at the neighborhood kids! By customizing different mechanical elements of the catapult, students can manipulate movement, accuracy, range, and damage to drench even the most evasive of targets. Each level of the game is a unique puzzle that challenges players to experiment with engineering solutions.
      Bongo Balance
      Manage “equations” of fruit clusters for a helpful bongo and a pleasant tapir, making sure they have the same amount of fruit. Add and subtract clusters to bring the amount of fruit into balance, similar to the way atoms must balance. As players advance, the balancing gets more complex - try to keep up!
      Cell Command
      Shrink down to a microscopic size and captain a ship, leading your intrepid crew through the human body. Explore cells while managing DNA duplication and other cellular processes. Learn the role of critical cell structures including the membrane, mitochondria, golgi complex, and ribosomes as you return your team safely to the station.

      Crazy Plant Shop

      Become a floral entrepreneur as you breed wacky plants! Use a magic Punnett square machine to determine dominant and recessive traits so you can fulfill customer orders and sustain your plant shop, learning about trait inheritance and plant genetics.
      Dr. Guts
      Enroll as a research intern to the curious Dr. Guts, a specialist in human physiology with rather... unusual methods. Perform zany experiments on organs in the digestive system, the respiratory system, and other body systems, making connections and solving problems to treat your patients.
      Fossil Forensics
      Assist a museum curator by analyzing, comparing, and examining a collection of rare and ancient fossils. Make ancestral hypotheses about their skeletal systems, learning about trait inheritance, unity, and diversity. Work with the curator to assemble displays based on similarities and differences between groups of fossils.
      Players can change a Matter Cube from solid to liquid to gas, change its level of flammability, or change a cube’s pH value to make it basic or acidic. Learn about the fundamental ways that matter can change by tweaking Matter Cubes to solve puzzles and advance through the game!
      Motion Force
      Pilot a spaceship, adjusting the propulsion and direction as you learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion by avoiding obstacles and trying not to crash! To help you on your intergalactic adventure, a whimsical race of aliens called Fuzzies offer advice and guidance about forces and motion.
      Planet Mechanic
      Meet the demands of fickle aliens who can't seem to make up their minds about what conditions they want on their homeworld. Experiment with a planet’s core attributes, manipulating its atmosphere, tilt, rotation, and lunar cycles to learn how these factors change temperature, time, and seasons!
      Prisoner of Echo
      Partner with Jenkins, a helpful but slightly snarky robot, to navigate a mining facility and find missing scientist, Andar. Using knowledge of sound waves, players use the Sonic Manipulator to adjust wave frequency and amplitude to advance through different levels and unlock the ultimate secret!
      Reach for the Sun
      Grow your plant from a seedling, defend it against insects, and help it struggle through the seasons to pollinate and produce flowers. Help your flower survive to the end of the year, learning about photosynthesis and the way that seasons relate to plant life cycles.
      You Make Me Sick!
      Design a virus or bacteria to infect hosts with progressively stronger defenses, orchestrating the perfect contamination plan. Help the pathogen move through the body, gaining a deeper understanding of bacteria and viruses including their anatomy, their function, and how they are spread.