Why don't students at KHS paint their spaces in the student parking lot?

  • Why doesn’t KHS permit senior students to paint their parking spaces like the other high schools in our district?


    This question has been asked many times over the years.  Having considered this possibility in the past, but never moving forward with it due to safety concerns, an extensive investigation was conducted by a group of student leaders and the administration to look into this topic deeply.  Among other things, the investigation included a student survey from which student views were gained and several evaluations of the parking lot by contractors who looked at the physical structure/surface of the lot.  


    The following are some of the conclusions that were gathered by analyzing the data collected from students via the survey released and completed during the spring semester of 2019:


    • 78 percent of the respondents stated they wanted a way to express their uniqueness and felt painting their parking spot was a way they could do this
    • 84 percent said they would be willing to complete additional paperwork if necessary
    • 63 percent stated they would pay an additional fee if necessary
    • 80 percent stated they would be willing to be assigned to a particular area of the lot in order to paint their space
    • 72 percent stated they would be willing to paint over their spot at the end of year


    The following conclusions were made after having met with several contractors regarding our mixed concrete/asphalt parking lot surface and the potential of painting parking spots:


    • 80 percent of the spots in the area that was designated as the area being considered for painted spots are in areas that are asphalt
    • Common interior/exterior latex paint would be adequate to paint on concrete surfaces but not asphalt surfaces
    • Asphalt surfaces tend to release oils and gases over the span of their lifetime and if paint were placed over the surface in significant quantities deterioration of the surface and degradation of the sub-surface would occur
    • The cracking and peeling of paint applied to the asphalt surface would deteriorate over a short period time leading to peeling and chipping potentially creating slick/unsafe areas in the lot
    • Peeling/chipping paint could be washed down water drains in the lot ending up in the Lake Houston/Galveston Bay water system creating a negative impact to our environment
    • The cost to clean and repair the damage caused to the asphalt surface exceeds the funds that would be collected from students who desired to paint their space


    It is with these things in mind that the decision was made to not pursue the painting of student parking spots in the lot.