• The Member Statuses spreadsheet contains all information regarding member statuses. The total net points column takes into account any penalties acquired throughout the semester. Any changes we make to the Google sheet will automatically be seen in this version!
    If you have questions, please email nhspres@gmail.com or nhsfirstvp@gmail.com

  • Probation Information

    How did I get on probation?

    • Academic Probation: GPA dropped below 4.0
    • You did not
      • pay dues on time and did not pay them by the probation deadline 
      • complete required service hours (service probation)
      • earn the 4 extra points required for missing a mandatory service event
      • obtain a leadership point (leadership probation)
      • have service hours from three different areas

    How do I get back in good standing?

    • Turn in probation notification form by approriate date (Fall August 30 | Spring January 31)
    • Turn in the required amount of points stated in the letter from NHS (Fall October 4 | Spring March 6)
      • If you are on academic probation, reaquire a GPA of 4.0 by the next GPA check.
      • If you are on service probation, turn in the necessary points to reach 15 plus penalty hours.
        • Missing 01-05 hours:    1 penalty hour
        • Missing 06-10 hours:    2 penalty hours
        • Missing 11-15 hours:    3 penalty hours
      • If you are on leadership probation, turn in a leadership point form with an email from the Leadership VP confiming approval.

    What happens next?

    • Once you turn in probation points, you will no longer be on probation.
    • If you fail to turn in probation points by the deadline, you will be removed from NHS.
    • If you are placed on probation twice, you will be removed from NHS.
      • Juniors cannot rejoin NHS.
      • Seniors will not recieve collars for graduation.