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    *Letters will be updated in August 2020. 
     Always show EAGLE PRIDE!
    Classroom Rules and Expectations:
    1. Be prepared!  Bring all materials to class (notebook, pen/pencil, novel), and sit in your assigned seat.
    2. Be respectful!  Treat all of your classmates, your teacher, and the classroom environment with respect.
    3. Be an active participant!  Volunteer your opinions and insight during class discussions.
    Teacher Detentions:
    If classroom rules are broken or classroom disruption occurs due to your behavior, you will be assigned a 30 minute teacher detention before or after school.  Failure to attend teacher detention will result in a referral to your principal and a further consequence will be assigned. All campus rules are subject to immediate referrals. 
     Academic Dishonesty Policy:
    Plagiarism is taken very seriously at Atascocita High School.  At the beginning of the year, all students will sign an Academic Honesty Contract (link below).  In this contract, students agree to turn in original work and not claim someone else's writing as their own.  If a student is caught plagiarizing an assignment, he or she will receive a zero, as per district policy, and/or an office referral.  An article regarding plagiarism can be found using the link below.  If you would like more information about this very important issue, please let me know. I would be happy to speak with you.
    Cell Phone Use in the Classroom:
    Atascocita High School is an open device campus; however, during class time cell phone use is not permitted unless otherwise directed by the teacher.  There will be days when we will use technology for a lesson or project.  A sign posted in the front of the room will clearly identify whether the room is a "green zone" (devices are permitted) or a "red zone" (devices need to be off and out of sight). Students who are using devices in a red zone are subject to campus disciplinary action.   Students are also not allowed to use classroom outlets for charging their devices unless they have received permission from the teacher. (My rule is typically that your battery % needs to be in single digits AND that the student first asks permission.)  Earbuds also need to be put away during class unless otherwise permitted by the teacher.