Remind Text Alerts: 
    If you want to keep up with what’s going on in English this year, you should think about signing up for our text alerts.  I will try to send out weekly reminders about upcoming due dates, tests, campus reminders, etc.  These text messages are set up through a third party.  I will never see your phone number and you will never see mine.  Please keep in mind that this is a one way service. Responding texts will not be received.
    Are you a parent or student in AP English Literature (Seniors)?  Text @aplit2512 to 81010
    Are you a parent or student in AP English Language (Juniors)?  Text @aplang2512 to 81010
    Our campus has adopted Schoology as the online learning platform for this year.  All students will be automatically enrolled in their specfic courses based on their HAC schedule.  We will utilize Schoology for assignments, assessments, discussion posts, and course resources.  If you need help with logging in to Schoology, please let me know!
    You can also keep up with what's going on in class through Twitter.  Follow me @MsSpenceAHS for reminders and class info.  Also feel free to tweet me your questions!  I will respond as soon as I can.
    We do not have a textbook for AP Lang or AP Lit.  All novels can be checked out from the campus teacher, and any shorter essays, short stories, poems will be uploaded to Schoology.
    Turnitin.com Registration:
    Turnitin.com is a website used by the English department at AHS as well as by many college campuses.  This program checks all essays for plagiarism by cross-referencing them with other sources.  In this class, you will be required to upload essays to this website.  An essay will not be considered submitted until it has been uploaded to turnitin.com and a printed copy has been submitted in class.
    To create your account, follow the directions below:
    2. Click on "Create Account" at the top and then select "Student"
    3. Enter the necessary information.
          *Create a password that you will remember!  
        *Please write down your username and password. (Your username will be your email address.)
    4. The Class ID numbers are listed below.  Make sure to register in your correct class period.  
        *All classes have the same class enrollment password. 
        *Please see Schoology for class codes and passwords.

    To submit an assignment with Turnitin.com:

    1. Login to turnitin.com

    2. Select your class

    3. Click on the assignment you wish to submit, which will give you a pop up window with any specific instructions – once read, close window

    4. Click on the “Submit” button

    5. For your title, use your first and last name – title of assignment.

                Example: Katie Spence – Synthesis Essay

    6. Browse and select saved file of essay

    7. Click submit

               *This will create a submission receipt that you should either save or print.