• A Parent's Need to Know


    Ms. Garcia's goal is for each WMS student to be safe and well during the school day and to receive prompt attention if medical problems arise. Students who are feeling ill during class can be sent to the clinic by the teacher. Those who have more serious problems, such as bleeding, vomiting, high fever, convulsions, and migraines will be taken care of immediately.


    For a student with a fever of 100 degrees or higher, the parent/guardian will be notified of need for child to be picked up. It is recommended for the student with a fever not to return to school until fever free for 24 hours without the need of medication for the fever.

    OTC (Over the Counter) medications  are not available in the clinic.

    All medicine MUST be brought to the clinic by an adult with the appropriate medication form.  Some chronic conditions require a completed packet that includes a medical plan.  The forms can be found on the Nurse’s web page in the Helpful Documents tab or can be filled out at the clinic when dropping off medication.  PLEASE do not place medicine in a child’s backpack as this can be a life threatening mistake.   The district medication guidelines are very specific and can be located on the district website in the student/parent handbook.

    Immunization documentation is not negotiable.  Humble ISD must be in compliance with Texas Law.  Please respond promptly when notified of immunization discrepancies so that children do not miss any educational time.  We realize that this can be a time consuming errand; however, we must show documentation to the state, when requested, regarding our students’ health records for everyone’s safety.

    A child must go home for specific reasons stated in the handbook under several sections (ie. Health Related Matters, Illness, etc.).  A doctor’s note stating "may return to school" is required upon returning to school, if they are suspected of having a communicable disease or skin rash of unknown origin.  See Health Related Matters>Communicable Disease in Handbook.

    Please update the nurse of any change in medication, diagnosis, or illness that your child may have during the school year.  Correspond by email, phone, fax, or stop by the clinic.

     Our goal is to expedite healthcare to promote maximum instructional time…thus learning!