• Class of 2021 Senior Parking Spot Painting Application

    Requirements to paint your parking spot:  

    Students must purchase their own paint and supplies and be able to paint spot on assigned days:  ~Saturday, October 10, Sunday October 11 or Saturday, October 19, Sunday October 20. ~Check in time 8am – 2pm (check in upon arrival) 

    ~Painting cannot take place at any other time. (Makeup date will TBD if needed) 

    Option #1 - $150 paid to Project Graduation (includes parking spot and Project Graduation  Donation) $25 Savings Only available until 10/01/2020 includes $200 Grad Bucks Option #2 – $75 paid to Project Graduation (parking spot only) includes $50 Grad Bucks Applications and Sketches in color must be turned into front desk with Mrs. Daspit by the deadline  of Oct. 1, 2020 or emailed to Julia.bynes@yahoo.com (Senior Parking Spot Design application form located on this document.)  

    Materials needed:  

    Must Use Exterior Latex paint- Water Based (paint will be checked at check in before painting) *No oil based paints *No reflective paints *No spray paint 

    Brushes, rollers or sponge to apply paint (nothing else permitted)  

    Masking tape to mark off 6 inch border from white lines and spot number 

    Stool or towel to sit on  

    Broom to sweep spot / Chalk to sketch design 

    Plastic drop cloth to put under paint cans  

    Plastic containers for water, paint and brushes  

    Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, water, snacks  

    Design Criteria:  

    No offensive language, racial slogans/slurs, gore, nudity, violence, drugs/drug paraphernalia,  derogatory terms, gang symbols, no double meaning phrases, etc. 

    Must be school-appropriate  

    Design must be pre-approved by school administration 

    Stick to original design or it will be removed (no refund will be given)  

    Painting Tips: 

    Tape the edges of your spot with a 6 in. margin on all sides before painting. – o Do not paint on the white lines, parking lot curbs or parking spot numbers 

    Sweep the dirt and pebbles off the spot 

    Use chalk to draw out your sketch. Start painting at the front of your spot out to the end (front  bumper to back bumper) others will be working beside you and you cannot step on their spot. Consider make a stencil ahead of time for lettering or detailed images to save a lot of time. Bring extra plastic containers (no glass) for water and brushes. 

    Bring a drop cloth or plastic sheeting to put under paint cans. NO paint is permitted outside your  spot. 

    Limit your paint palette as the quarts of paint are expensive or share colors with a friend. It will take at least 2 quarts of paint to cover the spot if you are using a solid color.