• Bond: Keeping our promises

Rebuilding Kingwood Middle School

  • New Kingwood Middle School

  • A new Kingwood Middle School opened August 2022.

    The new design incorporates the concept of Kingwood’s “Livable Forest," using ample amounts of natural light and sustainable materials to combine interior and exterior spaces into a cohesive learning environment. There is more space for collaboration, integrated physical activity and movement, and classrooms are about 200 square feet larger than those in the old KMS. Car and bus drop-off and pick-up have also been optimized to relieve traffic on the neighboring streets.

    On Saturday, September 10, the community was invited to a special event, KMS Demo Day, to take a final stroll through the 45-year-old original Kingwood Middle School campus, see the brand new campus that opened to students in August, purchase memorabilia and participate in some fun demolition activities. More information on KMS Demo Day.


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