April 1st - April 5th

  • Bring Your Parent To PE Week

  • Bring Your Parent To PE Week

    April 1st-5th

    Come join us as we open up our school’s PE program and coaches to parents! Looking forward to showing you some of the skills, activities and lessons we have been incorporating this year. Sign up to participate in Bring Your Parent To PE Week. We encourage other family members to come join as well!  Students come to PE twice a week, please only sign up for one of your child’s P.E. class.  Please visit my webpage to check your child's PE schedule.  https://www.humbleisd.net/Domain/6877

    Please note that students in the following classes spilt for specials:

    Kinder: N/A

    1st Grade: Shivers and Sands

    2nd Grade: Head

    3rd Grade: Stuffler and Heidorf

    4th Grade: Murphy

    5th Grade: Givens

    If your student is in one of these classes please check with the teacher to confirm your childs PE schedule.