• Requirements of Members

    • Members cannot have infractions of any kind.
    • Members must maintain an A-semester average.
    • Members must attend 75% of all meetings. If there is a conflict, contact the officers through the Remind to let them know.
    • Members must obtain seven service points per semester.
      • Failure to receive seven points during the fall semester will result in you having to complete the rest of the those points the next semester plus a probation point. For example, if you only get five points fall semester, you will have to get ten points next semester.
      • Points do rollover to the next semester, so if you get nine points Fall Semester, you only have to get five points spring semester.
      • Point forms are under Helpful Documents.

    Failure to comply with these rules will result in a member being put on probation and potential removal from the club.


    Points for the fall semester will be due by December 13

    SENIORS - How Do I Recieve My Cord?

    Seniors are eligible to receive a cord if they maintain good standing in Spanish NHS. They must complete the required 14 service points by the time of graduation, have attended 75% of all meeetings, and have no infractions.

    Seniors will be able to purchase their cord for $10 later in the school year on Revtrak. This fee is not included in the membership dues.

    If you have any other questions, you can send a text through Remind to the officers or ask Mrs. Baralt.