• Color Guard 

    A select group of experienced, motivated and disciplined individuals who are best chosen to represent the Flag of the United States and the State of Texas at events such as footballl games, formal dinners, as well as Graduation and competitions. Everything that the Color Guard does require coordination, precision and perfection.

  • Raiders

    The Raider Team is a group of motivated, fit and disciplined Cadets who participate in physically demanding challenges at competitions. Everyone who volunteers and competes in this team are close-knit, as many Raider tasks require a high level of teamwork, communication and coordination. They are the team that negotiate obstacle courses, ruck runs and the assembly of the rope bridge.

  • Spirit Team

    The Spirit Team are selected on esprit-de-corps and school spirit. They travel with the football team to Varsity football games to not only represent the Summer Creek JROTC program but also the school as a whole.  The Spirit Team cheers on, and inspires the football team along with the spectators that sit in the stands. They can often be seen running the Battalion flag along the sidelines when our school gets a touchdown. The Spirit team is also responsible for the transportation and maintenance of the Summercreek Inflatable Bulldog. 

  • JLAB

    The JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl is an all-service national competition that challenges Cadets in their leadership and academic abilities. Members are selected from the Cadets with the highest degree of academic and leadership results in a test administered by Battalion leadership. Those who are members of the JLAB team are always looking to learn and keep up on current events. If successful, the team receives a trip to Washington D.C. for the National Championship. The JLAB Teams also competes in local competitions against other JLAB teams in the Houston area.

  • Community Service

    Easily the most looked forward to events by Cadets. We offer a wide range of volunteer activities to support the local area in festivals, senior care centers as well as working the Bulldog Market which is supported by the Houston Food Bank for students in need. These are student led events which allow Cadets to exercise and learn leadership skills. It is a representation of the program to the community as well as placing emphasis on the service of others before oneself.


  • Orienteering

    Cadets in orienteering are experts at navigating with a map and compass. Cadets are given a map and must retrieve flags from points from the map on a timer. They learn how to efficiently and effectively use a compass and a map, cadets must often brush up on the knowledge as it is a perishable skill, however it is incredibly rewarding to win at competitions and prove your ability to navigate around sorrounding 

  • PT Team

    The JROTC Physical Training Team is a group of cadets who are passionate about fitness training. Our PT team is often seen competing in competitions and diligently training after school. Our Physical Training team is made up of athletic and robust cadets.

  • Drill Team

    The Drill Team are made up of Cadets who are dedicated to perfecting their craft and constantly striving for excellence. Under the Drill umbrella, there are different divisions to include Armed and Unarmed Drill. 

    Armed Drill are Cadets in a formation performing to demonstrate Close Drill (marching) and the Manual of Arms. They are confident about their ability and their equipment (1903 Springfield Drill Rifle)

    Unarmed Drill are 15 to 20 Cadets in a platoon formation, focusing mainly on Close Drill and the movements in and around it. They are a group that strive for perfection and excellence in what they do as the most looked forward to events for the Drill Team are competitions as they are very competitive.