• Week of 3/23-3/27/2020


    SEL Lesson Plan Week of March 23-27

    • Goal Directed Behavior Guidance Lessons

      *Parents - Please work with your child to read, watch the video clip, and do the short activity.


      K-2:  Goal Directed Activity



      3-5: Goal Directed Activity


      Familly Discussion Activity for the Week:

      Wednesday Wisdom ~ Goal Directed Behavior 

      Giraffes Can't Dance Read Aloud



      Having a meaningful goal, figuring out what steps will lead to achieving it, and then sticking to it until we’ve been successful is a powerful skill that helps us all throughout our life. This week, talk with your child/children about their ideas and wishes:

      • What things do you feel are important to you? • What are some things that feel discouraging to you? • What are some things that are encouraging? • What are some things you want to do today? Tomorrow? This week? Next week? • How could I help you reach your goal (completing the tasks the child wants to do)? vitie

      College Activities for the Week

      College Activity Week of March 23-27